Friday, August 29, 2014

Warping Made Easy Part One

My new warping DVD shows you how to thread the reed while it is sitting on a table rather than when it is on the loom. After my last threading disaster, this idea seemed like a good one.

Of course there were some obstacles to overcome. First I had to figure out how to prop up the reed. I used my napkin holder which worked fine for a while.

Then The Mister came up with these little clamps that have legs on them. They were brilliant. They are mine now.

 The reason for doing it this way is to keep all that sticky cotton from tangling. On the table you can spread it out and weight it down.

It worked perfectly......

...until I went to put it on the loom. I had tied my choke too far from the front beam and I ended up with an unholy mess in front of the reed. Threading the heddles was a nightmare but with The Mister's help I got the nasty tangles out and went to bed. By this time it was almost midnight and I was worn out. Weaving is hard work.


  1. Yup...this is why I sold my loom! Hang in there, you have it almost tamed now! The best is yet to come!!!

  2. Aren't those clamps great? We've stolen so many from Dad for various projects that he had to go buy a bunch more.

  3. I have new found respect …and cotton can be tangly can't it?

  4. Seriously, I take a few days to do who knows what, and you really just get it going don't you? I love the MacGyverness of your weaving set up. But I loathe any tangled fiber. I'm glad you got it sorted together before bed.

  5. I have a loom, but have not used it yet. Warping terrifies me.