Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Happy Feet Update

The good news is that the first of my Grateful Dyed socks is done.

The bad news is that the reason it's done is because yesterday, I spent an entire day and most of a night doing this-again.

I took Daddio to his doctor to get his pre-op clearance and along the way the nasty hip decided to dislocate once again. This is the second time in five days and this makes a grand total of five times in a month.

I was knitting fast and furious as we waited for the hospital to get an open operating room to put it all back in place so we could be on our not so merry way.

I don't have any good news about the hip. It's all bad but I did discover that the hospital vending machines now take credit cards. Now that's something to get excited about.


  1. Beautiful sock but not so beautiful surroundings! Enough of the hip saga for all your sakes!

  2. LOVE your sock. OMG this hip thing is nutty. Tell your father to STOP doing the hokey pokey

  3. I LOVE the colors of your sock. It's great that you have the knitting time, but I'm sure you must be exhausted. Take care of yourself.