Sunday, August 10, 2014


 I have been closing up Daddio's house since he will be away for another stay in rehab when this scene popped into my head from Jurassic Park. Out of nowhere, his yard is in bloom even though nothing was planted this year and no attention whatsoever has been paid the garden.

 Last year's Nasturtiums managed to form an adorable little clump by the front steps.

 Even a pretty Coreopsis joined the party.

 I thought the Black-Eyed Susan would return and they did-in force.

 It wasn't four o'clock so the Four O'Clocks weren't blooming but there are plenty to be had.

 The cauldron on the front porch was left empty this year but some Autumn Sedum managed to find a way in all the way from the front bed.

 Mom's beloved Weigela came back to life even after Daddio's viscious hacking last fall. There were no blooms but there is plenty of green.

Finally, in spite of her near death experience this past winter, Miss Figgy has even turned out some figlettes. I am sure they won't amount to anything but the old girl is trying.
Life goes on......


  1. It's comforting to know the river still flows. I am visiting home ground and we've stopped at favorite places-lots of changes as life goes on. Share these pics with your Dad.

  2. Sweetness to see the blooms and plants fighting their way into the world and showing off so lovely.

  3. that's pretty amazing considering!!! I Love the nasturtium the most