Sunday, August 17, 2014

Home Sweet Home

I couldn't wait to get home yesterday to see Pup. I was afraid she had forgotten me. I was gone six long days so I had bought her a new toy to break the ice.

She is still not too good at this fetch thing.

When she gets the ball, she wants us to chase her.

We didn't get anywhere with her but it seems that she trained us pretty well.


  1. Oh, you both had to enjoy that reuniting! She is a cutie! It's good to know you are a well trained momma...

  2. My Mom's dog Lady is the same way. She'd rather be chased or play tug-o-war. And tug-o-war with a 90lb lab isn't gentle!

  3. IM so glad she remembered you! ha. I Knew she would!

  4. She looks happy with her game. We're very well trained by our pup too. :-)

  5. wow Pup has gotten really big. So cute.