Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Of Course

You know I had to take off all that warp and rearrange it. It wasn't that hard.

I split up the red so that now I have a little on each end and a little in the middle. I also saved enough for a little stripe in the weft. Now I need to go rewatch my DVD to see how I proceed from here. From now on, it gets really scary.

 As for all the questions about those wraps per inch yesterday in the comments, here is the simple explanation:
If you get a lot of wraps per inch it just means you have a skinny yarn. Skinny yarns make nice socks and lace shawls but they can also make nice garments if you don't mind knitting something that will have lots of little stitches. I don't, so I will. Got that?


  1. The warp looks nice again! The new vest will be very attractive and each little stitch will be a joy!

  2. I like your new color sequence and can't wait to see watch your progress.

  3. Thankyou . That explains it!! i need to start wraps per inching before I knit with yarn that has lost its paper i.d.

    Love the new color plan!

  4. Thanks for the explanation! That is definitely helpful, as I have these yarns that, really, dunno what the heck they are left from or are for ...