Monday, September 1, 2014

New Stuff

I ordered some more 8/2 cotton because the stash is empty and I didn't have a weft. That's weaving speak for the stuff that goes back and forth. I ran out of white and what I thought was the red.

This is what I get for being too lazy to get up and go get what I had left to compare colors before I ordered. I guessed and I guessed wrong.

No matter. I still have a whole mini cone of green so I'm thinking some holiday towels will be in the near future.

 In the same package from Cotton Clouds, I also got a surprise. The next installment of the dishtowel of the month kit.

 It's a crazy colored waffle weave. I can't wait. I've always wanted to learn to waffle.

 I also treated myself to this reference book from Interweave. I have been meaning to buy it ever since I got the loom but I didn't think I was quite ready to go off on my own yet. My recent warping success has given me hope.

If I can build up a decent stash of cotton, I'd be in business designing my own towels. I think I know what I'm asking Santa for this year. Ho, ho, ho, kids....


  1. I recognise that book, it's the same one Joe uses as a weaving reference. I like the look of the latest kit.

  2. Dear on the wrong red cotton but you ended the post on a good note! Go, weaver, go!

  3. Weave away my friend!! I admire it

  4. Love the rich colors in the waffle towel.

  5. Holiday towels sound great. In fact, I think towels are one of my favorite hostess gifts to give and receive. They are practical, and if they are handmade? Hello, even a nicer touch to know that pop in your kitchen came from such care and thought -- and effort!