Monday, September 29, 2014

It's a Sad Day....

....when you go to a fiber festival and come home without any fiber.

Middle Sister and I went to Berryville, Virginia to hang out at the sweetest little fiber festival around.

It has all of the good things you find at the bigger festivals without any of the crazy crowds.

There was plenty of things to ooh and aah over but nothing I don't already have a ton of. It's sad. I don't need anything anymore and I don't have anymore room for my wants.

Nothing was floating my boat. I had money in my pocket and I couldn't find a thing to buy.

 Even the fleece sale left me cold.

 I didn't even get the itch when a volunteer started picking through a rather lovely pile of fuzzy stuff.

I could have used move weaving stuff but there was none to be had. There were lots of looms and lots of people getting lessons but no vendor that was selling good weaving cotton.

These giant circular rugs were interesting. Think about how many expensive braids of roving went into making this. It's staggering.

I could have brought this guy home but The Mister would have killed me. We've already had our bunny raising adventure and it wasn't pretty.

 There are usually lots of nice fiber animals to look at but this year there was only Junior the Camel and....

 ...and handful of very disinterested sheep. I wonder why the barns were empty. It's very odd.

On the way out I made one very practical purchase. I needed a new flick carder. Did I feel terrible all the way home that I didn't find anything more fun to buy? Of course I did. At least now I know not to waste my time going to Rhinebeck this year. More than likely, I won't find anything up there either. As for that money that was burning a hole in my pocket, I did spend some of it. I'll show you where tomorrow.


  1. Well that stinks. I hope you enjoyed looking at everything at any rate. If you keep finishing projects like you have been lately, you will need to replenish soon!

  2. I have that same problem - especially with having a dye studio at my beck and call. I try to look for yarns in bases we don't have, but that's getting harder and harder.

  3. You gotta know when to hold em…..and that's fine. Eye candy is inspiring even if you don't' purchase!