Wednesday, September 3, 2014

The Never Ending Weaving Tale

Just when I thought I was ready to sit down and weave, I discovered I had another major boo boo. I had decided I better watch disc number two in my DVD set before I began and it started with the notion that if you are putting two threads in a slot you need to warp an entirely different way. Argh......

 Of course I had two threads in a slot so when I checked the shed (that's weaving talk for the space that you push the little thingy through) it was an unholy tangled mess because by warping from front to back I had not kept the threads in the right order. Argh....

 This is a shed. This is what it looked like after I spent another hour or so pulling out all the threads from the reed and pulling them all back again in the correct order. Argh....

 Soon after, I was really ready to weave and it was fast and furious-except for the part where I had a few threads twisted on the front rod and had to tie and retie them a few times to get it all right.

 I know my weaving posts always scare people away from weaving but they shouldn't. Once you get it right it's wonderful. You also have to remember I am a complete self taught beginner so I'm going to have more disasters than success for a while-but I can honestly say that I am enjoying every minute of it.


  1. The weaving IS beautiful! Enjoy the best part and weave away!

  2. All that hard work is turning out a beautiful fabric. Well done!

  3. Im very impressed! My friends are weaving little blocks and that is hard enough! Love your colors