Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Darker Days

This cool damp weather is killing me. I've had a headache that won't quit.

It was one of those sick headaches that only go away when I sit in the dark with a warm hat on my head. The problem was all my hats had been living on the coat rack all summer and were full of dust.

They took a spin in the dryer for what seemed like forever. Next time I will put them in the washer for a spin first.

When they came out they were just what the doctor ordered for this poor old aching head.

I looked pretty ridiculous but after I curled up on the couch for a day long nap with my hat on and wrapped up in a prayer shawl I felt a bit better....

 ...until Pup woke up and wanted to play.....

....and then bark at all the leaves falling off the trees. Arghh.... now where is that bottle of Tylenol?


  1. I hope the headache has gone away now. xx

  2. I think it's a virus...we've been plagued with it, too, and our Sun is shining brightly. Does it feel like your brain is too big to fit in your skull? Hope you feel better soon! Tell pup to whisper.....

  3. A hat? I must try that! When I get one of those headaches, I've always used my favourite blankie - wrapping it around my head like a turban ( I have no idea why it works but it does!!!) Dave, of course, makes fun of me for it.... now I've got to go dig out my hats....

    PS - hope the headaches ease soon!