Friday, September 12, 2014

More Than I Expected

  This is towel number two from my last warping disaster adventure.

Towel number one is in the process of being wound up so you can't hardly see it anymore.

I thought I was warping for only one towel but it seems there is still a lot left to go. I have a lot to learn when it comes to that loom waste thing. I am way overestimating how much I need to tie everything on but I'm not complaining about getting two towels out of all that trouble. No siree.

I've also figured out that in order to keep weaving you need to be winding the warp for the next project at  the same time that you are working on your current project. This is the warp that I spent many days carefully winding back off the warping board because I had made an unholy mess of it when I tried to put it on the loom. It's winding back on nicely. Now let's hope I can get it on the loom and keep it there this time.


  1. The weaving looks incredible! Yay! I usually added another yard for loom waste.

  2. You are really good at weaving! As a spidey should be