Thursday, September 4, 2014

Woe is Me

Whenever I am hauling around this many bags, you know I'm not anyplace I really want to be.

Yesterday Daddio had a big repair job done on that nasty hip that turned out to be much more than we bargained for. While we waited, Little Sister spent her time grumbling about a long lost UFO....

..that ended up being frogged.

With the help of my Kindle Fire and Ravelry, she had another project started in no time at all.

 I got to the heel on my second pyschedelic sock but I wasn't feeling the happy. It was an awful day.

Instead the Pumpkin Cable Cardi got another inch or so. My cabling without a needle is finally making sense. I am glad I stuck with it because it really does make things easier once you can wrap your head around it. The fact that I could manage it at all during these circumstances just shows you how easy it actually is.

As for Daddio, he was in pretty miserable shape when we left the hospital last night. I'm not sure how much more of this his old body can take. I'm hoping for some better news today. I think we're due.


  1. Love the autumn color of your cardi. I hope good news comes today.

  2. Today I will pray for daddio each time I pray. I will pray to st Joseph for his love of the family. So sorry he's struggling. Love your cabling

  3. May this repair be the last! Knitting(yarn) makes the waiting room just tolerable! Your socks are great....but the cardigan color is delectable, too!!!

  4. Here's hoping that you and Daddio are having a better day. That cardigan is going to be gorgeous. I can already see you in it (with a fabulous apron too!)

  5. So hoping Daddio is getting better. Prayers.