Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Dark Days

The sun has deserted me. It's so low in the sky and the trees are still so thick that trying to get enough light to take a decent photo is difficult these days.

 I wanted to show off the one mitt I have finished but it's hard to see.

 The colors are much better in real life. It's not blocked yet either. I think a little warm water will straighten it out nicely.

I have it on the wrong hand so the ribbed ridges are on the wrong side but I can't take photos of my right hand. I can do a lot with my left hand but I can't seem to work a camera with it. I can knit with it, juggle with it and play the guitar with it but I can't manage to hold a camera still and push one button with it. Strange.


  1. Very cool! The colors are showing up nicely, and the mitt is so pretty!

  2. Love your mitt and the yarn. They're a very good match.

  3. I have the same issue! You knit up a beauty of a fingerless there lady!