Tuesday, September 23, 2014

A Shabby Chic Finish

 That really shabby old quilt I had been torturing with my pitiful machine quilting is finally finished. I used the walking foot to secure the raggedy edges. It was my favorite part.

 When I was done I still had a lot of batting sticking out of worn out seams. The really terrible holes were patched up with some orphan hexies.

 Machine stitching them was a bear so I ended up on the floor with the pup hand sewing them on.

 The whole mess went into the wash with a lot of bleach. Twice. It was that stinky and stained. When it came out of the dryer it was lovely-clean and soft. Pup loves it.

She loved it so much she dug a hole in it.

No problem. I still have plenty of hexies.I even sewed on a few where they weren't needed just to even things out.


  1. Wow the puppy has gotten big!!! Is she full size now?
    Is her coat silky? it sure looks it. OH And i love the quilt

    1. She is very silky and usually full of tangles. She is getting better at letting me comb her but more often than not I have to take the scissors to her.

    2. And.....she is full size. 13 whole pounds of badness.

  2. I love grandmother's fan quilts! You are doing a great job repairing this and saving it! Pup is helping a LOT I can tell!

  3. I'm so impressed. really. Your patience is amazing. I was thinking how fantastic that photo is of your pup on the washed quilt and her expression is very, "why yes, I did this myself." and then I read she dug a hole in it. sigh! But yes, you can fix anything!

  4. love the quilt and the little hex patches are perfect. hope you made lots with puppy around.