Sunday, September 14, 2014

September Daddio Update

 Daddio is coming home from rehab on Friday. I've been tearing up his house for several weeks now getting it ready for his return. He will be in a wheelchair at least until December so all the furniture and rugs had to be removed to make room. Everything that wasn't necessary had to go especially all the boxes and piles of sewing things.

 The last project we had been working on before all the insanity set in was his Holly Hobby quilt.

 It was in the process of getting stitched in the ditch.

I brought it home and set it up on my dining room table in hopes of finding the time to actually finish it. Now I just need to locate the material we set aside for the binding. Hmmmm....I wished I had thought about it before I boxed everything up.


  1. Here's you a cooperative patient and safe rehab ahead! Have you lined up projects for him, too?

  2. God Bless his Homecoming. Hope the tricky hip stays put this time

  3. Glad Daddio is on his way home. Love the quilt!

  4. I'm glad he's on his way home. You both get up to some amazing quilt projects.