Saturday, September 6, 2014

Four Bags Full

All summer long my knitting chair has been empty. I keep my projects hanging here in order to keep them away from the cats and so I don't forget about them. I can't say my mojo is back in full force but when it gets around to showing up, I'll be ready with a couple of new projects.

 Today I cast on some mitts with the wonky spindle project.

They are the recipe of month:: align mitts by Courtney Spanhower. It's a simple half ribbed pattern perfect for yarn that has a lot already going on and as you can see this stuff has a lot going on and you can't even see the sparkle.

 I also cast on the Galiano Vest by Megan Goodacre using my Shetland.

I didn't get too far because I couldn't figure out the knitted on front band chart or the directions. It took a lot of ripping and a lot of figuring to get this much done in about four hours. Afterwards, I was trying hard to remember why I think this sort of thing is fun.


  1. I like the mitts...they are a success so far! The vest will work out I hope, if not , find another pattern cuz life is too short!

  2. oh oh oh I love the mitts. Hows daddy-o?