Monday, September 8, 2014


I got a package from Knit Picks on Saturday.

It's fingering weight Chroma. One colorway is a gradient green and the other is solid black.

I'm trying to loosely recreate in some form my beloved sweater from the 80's. I wore it to death. I didn't make it. I "borrowed" it from Daddio. How or why he owned such a thing, I'll never know.

 I've actually been trying to recreate this sweater for many years. I've bought the yarn several times but didn't get very far until I saw this vest. Wandering Cat (bless you) sent me in the right direction. Imagine now that I bring the tracery (that's architectural speak for the stonework that holds up stained glass windows) all the way down to the waist and have only a few inches of that striped ribbing. Now imagine it as a vest  that opens in the front with striped front bands. I think I have a plan.

Of course there is always a fly in my ointment. When I sat down and cast on I carefully made sure that all 224 stitches plus a 10 stitch steek were not twisted but I discovered after three loooong rows.....

...I was not ribbing. I was only striping. I had to tink slowly back as not to undo the fragile cast on row for a very long time. Now it's back on track with the beginnings of a K2 P2 bottom band. Whew. I'm giving myself a year for this project so don't be holding your breath for any real progress in the near future. This is going to take a lot of knitting and even more importantly-a lot of thinking and we all know which one I'm better at.


  1. Beautiful plan and totally doable! What a great idea-knit on!

  2. Love, love, LOVE! the yarn you chose for the colour part! I'm going to enjoy watching this one progress!

  3. That's going to be a beautiful vest!

  4. love the 80's pic of adorable you in your fav sweater outside next to a huge fan.