Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Cashing In

 I may not have been able to throw my money away at the fiber fest but when we drove by this fruit stand I knew what I wanted. Apples. Fresh off the tree apples.

 I love this little roadside shop. It's got a little of everything.

 Right now it's full of pumpkins.... 

 ....and things that look like pumpkins. I'm not sure what these things are but they had tons of them.

 There were kids walking out with free pumpkins. Someone's been paying attention during all those lessons on estimation. I was impressed.

 I came home with a bag of goodies. Inside the shop is a little grocery that has the freshest and cheapest veggies ever.

Look at the size of that cauliflower. It was big and it was delicious. I roasted it with oil and garlic and it's already all gone. So are the radishes and most of the apples. I should have bought more.


  1. Beautiful Fall produce! I've never roasted cauliflower but it sounds wonderful!

  2. I think we'll have cauliflower cheese for dinner after seeing that. OOPS! No cauliflower. Never mind I'm shopping tomorrow. I'll just have to be patient.

  3. a wonderful delish post.
    I never cook my cauliflower but now I may have to

  4. Everybody is apple crazy, and rightly so. That cauliflower is huge. I'm such a fan. I love it so many ways! I think you're even cooler for seeing you purchase some beautiful radishes as well! I need to eat an apple!

  5. radishes are so good. natural fireballs. love them. it all looks great!