Friday, September 19, 2014

A Stitch in Time

 I said I would have this done by October and I just might make it.

 I have a new hoop that is making the job so much easier.

 It's kind of crazy looking but it makes things go faster if you can stitch with one hand on top and the other underneath.

 I was just about to celebrate the completion of the border when I noticed.....

...the blankety blank hearts on the right side were off by one row making the whole top section wrong. Snip, snip, rip, rip. It's aggravating but it shouldn't take me too long to catch back up.


  1. It's looking good! Grrrrr on the goof but fixing and continuing right away is real good!

  2. Glad you noticed when you did. LOVE the hearts, so so pretty.

  3. Okay - I've been staring for a while - I still can't see the mistake!