Sunday, September 7, 2014


 I left the house yesterday morning to go pick up Daddio from the hospital in Mount Vernon, Virginia and return him to the rehab center in Annapolis, Maryland. It was quite a haul. As you can see, he is right as rain again although he will have to spend the next twelve weeks in a wheelchair in order to get that new hip back in shape. I've got a major renovation going on at his house to make sure his transition back home is a smooth one. Thank you for all the positive thoughts you sent his way. I have no idea how but he pulled through once again when the odds were not in his favor.

 After dropping Daddio off, I made my way all the way back to Northern Virginia to babysit the Grandson. It was worth every mile of Washington Beltway traffic on a 90 degree day to get to spend some time with this little one.

I almost died laughing at his dance moves to his favorite Gangnam video. He's not even two and he can find his way around his tablet better than I could. He'll probably be tweeting any day now.


  1. There is a reason we are at the sandwich time of our lives-parents and grandchildren both need care! What a wonderful blessing to be able to be there for both of them, right?! Glad your Dad is bouncing back again-he must be a very strong man to weather these setbacks!

  2. so glad Daddio is back to rehab. may he make wonderful progress.
    I think the grands are born knowing how to use a tablet now.

  3. Phew. So glad you father is stable. What spirit and determination he has…I would have given up Im afraid!

  4. Sending lots of good thoughts for you and Daddio!