Saturday, September 20, 2014

Doggie Dishes

 I do more dishes for the pets than I do for me and The Mister these days.

 He is very fond of these plastic scrubby things but I like my knitted dishcloths.

 I don't like the idea of using the same cloths for the pets and for us so....

 ...I made a mini one just for the critter dishes with plans for many more since I always have so many leftover little balls of pretty kitchen cotton rolling about with nothing much to do.


  1. Very clever! I use a plastic scrubbie like that for all of our cat dishes...only cat dishes!

  2. your pets love you for their clean dishes.
    we wash our dishes in the sink too. I have seen so many pictures of your kitchen sink. It is well used. You should get a nickle for all the moments you have worked at it.

  3. Great idea for the mini dishcloth. We do need to keep our pets bowls clean and spotless don't we!