Sunday, September 28, 2014

A Walk in the Woods

The Mister was out clearing the path in the woods behind the house.

Pup is too little to be out running the trails, so they have become overgrown and impassable from lack of use.

Since The Mister was already out there I thought I would give her a try off the leash.

I like to knit while I walk and you can't do that when you are being drug around by a dog.

We had company. Hoover decided to take a rare stroll away from the food bowls.

Pup and Hoover like to mix it up a bit. I've never seen a cat that liked to play chase so much with a dog.

 The whole afternoon was no fun for me though.

 There are too many places that can cause problems for a nosy pup.

 I was worried about snakes and big rabid hairy things that would grab pup and run off with her.

I even freaked out about the hawks that were making lots of ugly noises over our heads. At thirteen pounds, no hawk or owl is going to get very far with her but I still freaked out. Pup may be ready for the great big woods but I'm sure not.


  1. Despite all the nasties that could be lurking, I'd love to have the deep, dark woods outside my door!

    Pup and the kitty look so cute together!

  2. It's hard for us mamas to unlock the leash....! You both did well! I love the rainbow socks!

  3. We used to have a cat that loved to follow us on long walks. I am glad you worry about Hawks! Love the socks.

  4. Such a pretty path! The woods look beautiful. I think it's very nifty that you can knit and walk like that. I'm sorry the pup gave you "mom" anxiety but it's totally understandable. Your cat though, so awesome.