Tuesday, January 31, 2023

TNT and a Resolution Update


There's not much going on with the Llama Lump. I've got to work my way through that mound they are standing on and it's a big fill section so it's slow going. 

I've spent more time this week with Dear Jane for a change. Those lattices won't sew themselves on-as much as I wish they would.

Since it's the last day of the month I thought I would see how I was doing with three of my New Year's Resolution projects. I did a little hand quilting on Dad's squares quilt in January but I still have part of one long side and one whole short side to go. 

I laid out my Audun blocks and finally got around to counting them. I added 8 more this month for a grand total of 70. I think I want 100 so I've got 30 more to go. 

I've got two whole corners finished on Rainbow Kitty which is an unexpected accomplishment. For the first time I am starting to believe that I just may actually finish him. If you could see the pile of these things that I have half finished you'd understand my surprise. What I am going to do with him after he's done-I have no idea. I've never got that far. 


  1. You know I love Rainbow Kitty. And those crochet squares are just so pretty. I should get back to my Granny Squares. The Llamas are great too - that will be a very cute piece when finished.

  2. I hope February is Rainbow Kitty’s month! He’s so darned cute.

  3. You have so many beautiful projects in progress! Of course, Rainbow Kitty is my favorite. It just makes me smile every time you post a photo of it.

  4. Nice work on the squares! That will be a very cozy blanket. I also have lots of WIPs of all types, sigh.

  5. I don't know how you do so much in a day!! I wish I had your energy. I think all!! Thank you so much!

  6. Love the cross stitch! The crochet blocks are the best, though! Yay for rainbow kitty!