Saturday, January 28, 2023

Lighting the Way


On our last grocery pickup The Mister and I took Pup for a walk in the county park across the street. It was deserted so for the first time since it was built we got a good look at the new playground they put in last year. Pets aren't allowed so we normally keep our distance and stay closer to the dog park but this time I got up close and noticed....

....a very interesting piece of playground equipment. I never realized that the slide was a replica of my mom's favorite light house. 

She used to love to take us down to spend the day at the local museum that it now is a part of. It was moved here from the its original spot at the mouth of the Putuxent river in 1978 and restored. It really is a beautiful thing to see if you are into lighthouses and my mom was really into lighthouses. 

She would have been so tickled to see this. Probably as tickled as I was.