Wednesday, January 4, 2023



Ugh. Ugh. Ugh....after taking off pretty much the entire month of December it's back to work. All that molding we put up in the foyer in November had to be painted and the stair treads needed another coat to undo the damage we did to them when we were banging all that molding into place. 

The Mister reminded me of it every darn day any time I set off to do something I wanted to do. I got tired of hearing it so Monday morning I jumped out of bed and into to my paint clothes. It's still around 60 degrees so it was good painting weather for January. We had it done in no time.

My reward for pushing through it was a walk on the beach. It's not too often that's a pleasant thing to do in January.

Someone else was also not happy when she saw the work tools coming back out again but she waited patiently for us to finish so she could get out and about. That happy face won't last long though. We're already planning to redo the downstairs bathroom as soon as the paint dries in the foyer. It's always something. 


  1. Glad you could get out for a beach walk - that must have been wonderful. I can't believe you and The Mister are going to start ANOTHER renovation - I think you both need to take a year or five off!!

  2. Oh, the joys of homeownership! That is exactly why I sold my house and moved into an apartment. It looks like Pup enjoyed her walk.

  3. I feel you. Winter is off for me, but come spring it will be back to work, work, work

  4. My, my, my. You are a glutton for punishment aren't you. I would not be anxious to begin another project. Give me apartment life anytime. :-) Glad you had a nice walk on the beach with Pup. She is so sweet.

  5. That's a good job done! The walk to the beach was just what you needed!