Saturday, January 21, 2023

Buyer Beware


I've been enjoying working on my puzzle after dinner every night. So much so that I broke down and bought myself one of those puzzle frame things that has a cover. It keeps the kitties off of it so pieces don't go missing but........

...look at that. I am all done and a piece IS missing. It's not the kitties fault or mine. I was extra, extra careful with this one because I had read in the reviews that this brand is notorious for having pieces missing. I thought that it couldn't happen to me so I bought the puzzle anyway and......

...bought this 1000 piece puzzle from the same company and......

....another 500 piece one that I'm planning to work on this summer. The brand is Galison and I really do love working on their Micheal Storring collection but grrrr....that missing piece thing is annoying. I have to say that I do have a Christmas puzzle from the collection that DOES have all its pieces. I emailed the customer service and they said they would send me out a new puzzle but that seemed excessive. I'll just deal with that missing piece.

On a happier note The Mister was working on this paint by number and I kept thinking I'd seen it before. I had. It's also a puzzle that I had bought. I sure hope it has all its pieces. 


  1. That "British" puzzle is pretty.

    I took a photo of a mill in New Jersey. Later that week I was talking to a Florida friend and she said you know that mill? Turns out she has a puzzle of the exact same view as my photo. Apparently, that mill is the most photographed spot in New Jersey.

  2. What fun to have a puzzle of the scene he is painting! It's very annoying to have a puzzle piece missing! Sorry. The cover is a good idea!