Friday, January 6, 2023

Some Friday Fluff and a Couple of Fails


I finally got around to plying the singles I spun from the leftover Thrummed Mittens fiber. It was not a fun spin. The fiber was hard to draft and very clumpy but this chain plied yarn should work just fine in the Garter Squish. 

As for the fails.....the first one is a big one. See that metal transition track between the two floors? It runs the length of the kitchen/dining/living area. Yesterday on a high from finishing the foyer we decided to tackle the last remaining kitchen job which was to put down the T molding that covers the track. Did it fit? NO. Nothing we did let the top piece pop into place like it's supposed to. The bottom prongs just broke off every time. The transition piece and the track came together as a set and the set was from our flooring collection... so now what? We don't have a clue other than rip up all the track and start over with something else. I see a trip to Lowe's in our future. 

Fail Number Two was not as costly-just really stupid. Since I didn't have a working oven at Christmas I never made any gingerbread this year so I thought I would play with my new little oven and make some. I got every thing prepped and mixed and when I went to add the flour......I didn't have any. The can was empty. All I had was some rather elderly whole wheat flour so I threw it in and hoped for the best. Yuck. It all turned out very mealy. The cookies were not crisp. The cake was like lead. THEN as I was cleaning up and putting everything away I found...........

....yeah. A brand new bag of flour that had come in MY VERY LAST GROCERY ORDER just last week. Ooof. How dumb was that? 

Since the Universe was talking to me very loud and clear yesterday I decided to sit the rest of the day out with the puzzle. It seemed like the safest bet. 


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  2. Some days are just like that! Hope today is a better one.

  3. Oh, yeah, some days are just ike that!!!! Doing the puzzle was a good idea! I've got some of the T-wood threshold pieces and they just don't stay 'cemented' no matter what I use-frustrating. I did give up and use grout between a spot in one room and I ike that best-I don't trip over it and it is easy to sweep/vacuum over! That should go on my list for this year to do that everywhere else!

  4. Sorry about the other comment. I should never hit publish without re-reading what the voice thingy thinks it heard.
    I'm sorry about the floor and baking issues. The flour thing definitely sounds like something I would do. :-)
    The color on that yarn is so pretty and happy. It will be great in the garter squish.

  5. I hope you can find a good solution for the transition. That's always a tricky one