Monday, January 2, 2023



I'm not posting a review of my finished work this year. I'm posting a "I really need to finish this" review instead. I really need to finish hand quilting Dad's Squares quilt. I'm on on the very last row of the very last border and I have 2 1/2 sides to go. I can do this. 

I need to finish Audun. I have a box of squares. I need a bit more and then they need to be joined. I can do this. 

I am soooo close to finishing Rainbow Kitty. I can do this. 

I just finished Advent sweater #16 so I need to make 8 more before December 1, 2023. I can do this. 

I'm not counting Garter Squish because I want this around during this year's Tour de Fleece. It will be good spinning motivation. I need lots of colors to get it done. 

I'm also NOT counting the Fair Isle siblings. They will take me years. I hope I still have years but let's NOT go there. My mind's been going there too much these days-especially when I look at my sock yarn stash. Never will I ever. 



  1. I KNOW you can do it. You're so close to finishing most of those projects. We gave Mom my garter squish for Christmas and she loved it. She thinks it should be kept for "good". I told her to use it. It's all machine washable/dryable. And if something happens to it I can make her another. USE it!
    I'm so glad you're my friend Debbie.
    Blessings and hugs,

  2. All such lovely projects. I just unearthed a shawl that I started two years ago! The only thing left is to find it off...why I abandoned it I don't know!

  3. That string of little sweaters is adorable!

  4. It's a good time to reassess the projects we started-the ones we will finish and the ones that can be set aside for a while longer! lol

  5. So many lovely projects, perhaps I should get some my not quite finished things out to work on them this year!

  6. After hand quilting my gnomes (not done yet!), I have a real appreciation for how much work hand quilting is! It's so slow. I couldn't imagine doing a whole quilt. No wonder those pioneer women had quilting bees!