Thursday, January 19, 2023

Rough Cut


This week I've been working on getting that soap out to everyone who signed up for the giveaway but I had a little glitch. When I packed it all up to take it downstairs for sorting.......

...I realized that I just couldn't send my babies off without dressing them up a little. I drug out an old Dell laptop and got it up and running so I could access Avery and somehow managed to get some simple labels printed in spite of my computers and printers not wanting to speak to each other anymore. 

I figured you'd at least like to know what scent you're getting. What I DIDN'T do was clean up the bars. I usually take a vegetable peeler and shave them down so they are smooth and then steam off the harmless soda ash. This time I'm leaving them rough and rustic because I like the feel of them that way and thought maybe you would too. There is nothing like a brand new bar of soap. It still tickles me and I've test what seems like millions of bars. 

It took me a couple of days but I got them all done. I had a great time playing dress up.

Just look how pretty Fig looks. I thought it was a failed batch when I goofed up the texture on the top but it's just so darn sparkly and pretty. This is why I make soap. Seeing all my pretty babies all dressed up and ready to go is the best part.

As pretty as they are, they need to be used up NOT become a part of your bathroom decor so they are all getting a little tag as a reminder. 

For those of you that signed up....I'll have yours in the mail in the next few days. For those of you that are still thinking about signing up-it's not too late....if you are willing to take pot luck. 


  1. Just amazing how beautiful you make them look--the tags are just a bonus! Thank you!

  2. Your soaps and labels are always so pretty! I am a big fan of rustic so looking forward to seeing what the soap looks like before you clean it up. Thank you for your generosity!

  3. they look so fabulous. hope i catch you in time for the next batch. beautiful as always Debbie.
    all the blessings,