Friday, January 20, 2023

Friday Fluff


We had a 60 degree day on Wednesday but we were stuck in the house. The all too familiar tree crew showed up at 7 am in our driveway and yard removing the rest of the trees that got damaged during the big Mini crushing disaster. 

The grinder was right under my window and the noise of the sawing and the crashing was overwhelming. Neither The Mister or I could settle into anything but I found spinning helped soothe my frazzled nerves. I finished spinning and plying that little 2 oz braid.

There was a huge crew of guys out there in the trees and they were all down in no time. By afternoon we could get Pup out for a walk and while The Mister took a nap I took the drum carder out in the sunshine and did some carding.

My California Red fleece just keeps on giving. It's such a pleasure to work with. It took color beautifully. It almost sparkles in the sun. 

It's so soft. It remains to be seen if it stays soft after it's spun but right now it's like working with a cloud. 

By the time January showed back up and I had to get back inside, I had one big fluffy batt finished. 

After splitting the batt I had two big fluffy nests. 

My goal was to get a batt that matched the rolags I had been spinning. I only have three left and didn't feel like taking the time to make them one at a time. Making batts is faster. 

But.....the rolags are spinning up like this and I don't think I quite made a match with the batt. Not that it really matters. These singles are for another pair of thick, woolly Croc socks for myself and I'm not picky as long as they are warm.


  1. Those fluffy little wool nests look so pretty.

  2. Seeing all this fluffy fiber almost makes me wish that I knew how to spin.

  3. Oh, I think the yarn is beautiful! I miss spinning with others like I used to. I need to make up my mind to work with the wool again!!!!

  4. pretty colours, i find myself desperate for colour rather than my undyed at this time of year so im knitting with dyed yarns