Monday, January 9, 2023

First Finishes of 2023


Ta da.....the leftover red fiber is finished. It's a bit on the raggedy side but it was a pretty raggedy bag of fiber to begin with. 

Up next on the Ladybug is this small 2 oz braid of orange fiber I had in the stash. All this in my quest for more bright colors for the Garter Squish.

My cabled headband is the second finish of the year. I had just enough leftover Brava from the ribbed hat I made. It looks better than I thought it would and it even fits. Woo hoo...

Speaking of fitting....the Musselburgh hat is setting off my knitting alarm. I feel like I'm making a market bag. It just keeps getting bigger and bigger. I'm supposed to get it to 18 inches before starting the decreases but every day that seems further away. 

It also seems too wide. I'm guess I'm going to have to keep on going and see what happens. If it doesn't fit I suppose I can always turn it into a market bag-or something.


  1. I really like the tones of the red yarn, so pretty and both of them will definitely liven up the garter squish!
    The headband is beautiful. There are so many patterns out there right now for headbands but I look awful in them. :-) I guess I could make one for Piper.

  2. The Musselburgh will not stretch much in width, so it may end up being a perfect fit.

  3. nice first finishes for the year! The yarn is pretty and will be very squishy for the squish blanket!

  4. Love the cabled headband - looks great! Your garter squish is gong to be beautiful Deb!!