Thursday, January 5, 2023

Snow Job

In 2018 I made this runner and mini quilt set for the top of the buffet.

Now I want one for the table too. I'm starting by making the snowflakes and then I'll worry about what comes in between later. I'm going to have to so some serious stash diving to come up with the remnants of what I used before. They are in there. They are just all over the place. 

Of course when I got out the paper piecing stuff Dear Jane gave me the side eye. Yes, I see you. Yes, I'll get back to work on you. First things first and right now I need some snow....but it's still 60 degrees out. In January. 



  1. My sweet Debbie, you can have our snow. No we don't have much, but it keeps falling, especially at night. It's warm enough that it's not sticking to the street, YET, but it's still cold and wet. Zoey detests snow and doesn't want to stay outside long enough to do her business. It's a struggle daily. She tries to climb up our legs instead.
    Your mini quilt and runner are really sweet. No wonder you want to make another. And that's the best kind of snow too! :-)
    Blessings and hugs,

  2. Pretty! I can't believe how warm it is. So weird!

  3. I hope you find the fabric remnants to make the table mat/runner to match.

  4. No snow here either. Temps were pretty balmy until today - it's dropped, but it's still above freezing

  5. I'd rather have it warmer-60* is a good Jan temp! The snowflake set will be so pretty in your newly completed kitchen!!!