Sunday, January 15, 2023

Testing, Testing....


It's that time. It's been soap testing week. All the bars I made 6 weeks ago are ready to re-homed.

I need to push them out the door because look what showed up. New soap supplies. Fresh and ready to go

This is going to be a no frills giveaway. I'll send you one full sized body bar AND one of these smaller cocoa butter facial bar OR...... of these small laurel berry facial bar better known as Aleppo soap. Your choice. Both are non-scented with no added color. As natural as you can get. 

I know you are used to seeing my soap all dressed up like this in a fancy wrapper but I don't have the technology at the moment. My old Chromebook won't print anymore so no labels. I'm just sticking it into a wax bag and sending it off-as is. Maybe by the time the next batch cures I will have figured out this printing thing. 

Full disclosure: This soap was made with less than freshest of oils and fragrances that were nearing the end of their expiration date so you need to USE THEM NOW. Right now they are all wonderful and will probably still last a while but why take chances. USE THEM. I'm making more to giveaway with some new fragrances and new colors and I'm very excited about it. SO USE THEM.

So.....give me your TWO favorites and I will see you get ONE. No strings attached.
From top left: Plain Ole Goat, Blackberry, Oatmeal and Honey, Pine, Fig, Clay, Lemon,  Agave, Olive 

Unscented: Plain Ole Goat, Clay
Very Lightly scented: Pine, Lemon
Lightly Scented: Oatmeal, Blackberry
Strongly Scented: Fig, Agave, Olive

All of these soaps were made with a base of:
Water, lye, olive oil, coconut oil, palm oil, canola oil, rice bran oil, safflower oil, apricot kernel oil, castor oil, sesame oil, kaolin clay, cocoa butter and shea butter

You can read about any other ingredients in each different batch on my blog posts from November that have soap in the title. 

Now.....head over to Ravelry and message me your choices and your address OR email me the info at and sometime in the next few weeks I'll get them in the mail.

Thanks again for taking this stuff off my hands. I am already excited about making spring soap and starting with a clean soap room and EMPTY shelves!


  1. Every time you do this I'm amazed at your generosity, not only with the soap, but the packaging and mailing too. Thank you, thank you!
    Blessings and hugs,

  2. How exciting! I don't really have any preference! I will just be happy to have some of your soap again. Thank you for your generosity! Sent an e-mail with contact info.

  3. Thank you for the soap--it is a wonderful of you to share with us!