Thursday, January 26, 2023

A Really Big Finish


Well look at that. The Sunflower quilt is finally finished. I'm kind of sad to see it finished because.... I have to go into the stash and find something new to work on and that means new directions to follow. I've got quilt kits galore thanks to Dad. Together we bought way too many. The first one I ever bought was this Zig Zag quilt kit and it's still sitting in the box. 

I'm thinking of starting this kit that has jelly rolls. I love jelly rolls. 

But I've also got this beauty from Angela Walters. The bonus here is that I can watch her make it on YouTube which reduces the chances I'll muck it up. 

And little Butter Churn been sitting in the sewing room next to the sewing machine for ages. This one's got a fall vibe to it so it'll keep. I think. It's awfully pretty and it will teach me something new. I've never done Flying Geese. 

This is another big one so I think I'll wait on this one too. I'm not afraid of quilting big ones anymore since Sunflower wasn't bad after all but I really don't need another big quilt since I have no idea what I'm going to do with Sunflower. I need a room just to keep all the quilts I already have. 

Decisions, decisions....I need to stop going through the kit stash. They seem to be popping up everywhere. 

And.......have you seen this? It's the Seed Packet quilt kit. Kate from the Last Homely House was working on this in her last video and I had a terrible time convincing myself not to buy it. It's a sickness. Like collecting sock yarn. Speaking of which I need to go cast on some socks. The gift box is empty and the needles are bare. 


  1. You've got some pretty kits for sure! Congrats on the BIG finish.

  2. First! Fantastic quilt! That block is definitely on my to-do list!!!

    Second - I vote Milkyway! It's really fun, and easier than it looks!

  3. Bravo! The quilt is a beauty. I adore those big flowers on the quilt - so pretty. Great quilt kits - lots of choices. I like the Cottage Garden.

  4. The sunflower quilt is just beautiful! It would be going on my bed as soon as it had been laundered. You have some pretty choices for your next sewing project.

  5. What a wonderful stash of kits!!!! I ended making Summer Blooms into two lap quilts! They all look like a good time!

  6. Wow that is some stash, I would need a bigger house just to keep all of them in let alone when they are made up!

  7. I received my soap and I want to thank you so much! Is very nice of you to do this! Beautiful quilt and kits. I vote for the Walters one next.