Thursday, January 12, 2023

Half Baked


Pup has taken to waking everyone up at 4 am just to check and see if we're all here which is driving The Mister and I crazy. He can go back to sleep but I never can so what to do with all that extra time? Bake.

After stumbling my way through the chores in the dark I cranked up the little oven. I made raisin scones, apple pie and.......

....challah. I already had a tin of cornbread and a quiche put away. I'd even made cupcakes on Sunday. Cupcakes. It's all too much. I'm hoping I'll get all this need to bake out of my system soon. That's too many carbs and too many calories for a couple of oldies who barely move anymore. 


  1. Maybe Pup likes the smell of your baking. 😉

  2. Oh man... you're really tempting me. I keep seeing recipes for focaccia bread and I really want to try making it!

  3. Oh man! Everything looks delish. Must be the season...I've been baking a lot or at least thinking of things I want to bake if I ever get the time!

  4. Our daughter's Lulu, a Havanese, likes to bark in the night, too, which is also driving everyone nuts. I was on a baking kick before Christmas, too, but have tried to behave now, at least for a while. All of your goodies look hard to resist!

  5. I agree with Nancy. Pup likes your baking! I do too. If I lived closer I would be happy to take some of it off your hands. Ha!
    Blessings and hugs,

  6. The reality of pounds sure does remove some of the fun of eating! lol Beautiful baked goodies!