Tuesday, January 10, 2023

Tiny Needle Tuesday


How about a little joy to start my first embroidery post of the new year?  Last week I finished the flower vine on the left side, stitched the red JOY and that triangle thingy next to it. I've been doing the "one thread" thing I heard about on FlossTube. You tell yourself you are only going to put one thread of floss on a day and before you know you've been sitting there for an hour and gone through many threads. 

I did the same thing with the bottom llama. I was only going to put one thread of the brown on and the next thing I knew the llama was done. 

I haven't had to do that with the Patchwork Hiver because it's too close to being finished and I don't want to finish it. I want to spend some time with it next Christmas like it was an old friend because that's just how I think about these things. When I finish the flower in the corner square it's getting packed away. My plan is one side of the border a year and this year's border is almost done. 

Speaking of old friends, very old friends, this is how Dear Jane looks now. I am working my way through the finished blocks of the first two rows adding the sashing so I can eventually join then together. It was something I should have done as I finished the blocks but didn't. 

I still have a very big pile of finished blocks to do before any actual joining can happen. I'm also getting antsy about making more blocks. I've still got over 100 to do but I really want to get those snowflakes done first. It's always something bumping poor Dear Jane to the back of the line. I really need to make 2023 her year. I won't finish that's for sure....but she does deserve the attention. I spent a fortune on that kit. 


  1. Very nice progress on your stitching. No TNT post from me today - I have not picked up a needle since before Christmas!!

  2. I love all of your stitching projects. Seriously, I'm in love with each of these. If I only had more wall space I would definitely get Patchwork Hiver for sure.
    Dear Jane is looking good too. I haven't done any cross-stitching in months. I've got way too much on my to do list with yarn right now.

  3. Beautiful stitching! I admire your perseverance: if I put projects like that away for a year, I doubt I’d ever finish them. My sisters and I discovered hundreds of projects our Mom worked on and never finished.

  4. Those llamas are so cute! As soon as my gnomes are done, it's back to stitching for me!

  5. That gold Q on your Quaker is perfect. How many colors will there be?

    I haven't decided whether I need to add another color to my Quaker Schoolhouse, but I might.

  6. Love the stitching--I think when you have something interesting (like llamas!) stitching goes faster! The Dear Jane is looking very good!