Wednesday, October 19, 2022

Wednesday WIPs


The only thing I have worked on this week has been my Musselburgh hat. I didn't think I'd like working on it after a rough start but one night at about 2 am when I woke up out of a sound sleep thinking I was having a heart attack, I calmed myself down by picking it up and figuring it all out. I wasn't having a heart attack btw...I had eaten half a bag of Twizzlers on an empty stomach before I went to bed and was having a bad case of indigestion. I still have that temporary crown in my mouth so I didn't exactly chew those Twizzlers up very well making a big rumble in the tummy.  After some Tums, a glass of water and a few burps I was fine but it scared me to death and taught me a lesson I won't forget. 

What I have been working on are the stairs. I've put several coats of gray on and may need more. I found out the hard way what kitty barf does to them. The night I put the first coat on I woke up to kitty barf all down them and when I wiped it off, the paint came up in places. I figure I'll have to keep a can of this floor paint around to touch up all the messes I'm pretty sure are in their future. 

The whole stairs painting thing has been quite the adventure. Trying to keep the critters off of them while they dry has not been fun. Luckily the paint dries in only about an hour or so. 

Since Pup's surgery she hasn't been able to go up and down the stairs and that's a good thing. I can only imagine what her nails would do to them.


  1. Wishing you better sleep! The hat is so pretty. I really like the gray on the stairs. Hope you can get them finished and dried quickly.

  2. I can imagine how frustrating the kitty barf was on the stairs. They do look very nice though.
    Praying for you my friend.
    Blessings and love,

  3. Keeping cats off fresh paint should be an olympic medal event!

  4. Those Twizzlers will get to you! Glad that's all that was wrong. Love the hat. I also love that the pattern's photos show it in solid colors but every one I've seen being knit (it seems to be a very popular pattern!) is knit in stripes. Your stairs will look great when you are done. Put a layer of floor finish over the final coat of paint and they should hold up to the critters just fine.

  5. so glad it was "just" indigestion - though I know how awful that can feel. Sorry Pup has had surgery hope she is recovering well xx

  6. The hat is going to be a beauty! The indigestion situation was a bit scary! the new stairs are gorgeous! I like the decor idea of leaving a can of touch-up paint on the step! lol