Sunday, October 30, 2022

Sew, Sew Sunday: Rest in Pieces


I've officially used up as much of the Rest in Pieces fabric collection as possible this week and have packed the very small amount of leftovers away until next year. I made two placemats and a big potholder to match the big table runner Dad and I made from the collection years ago. 

I'm also almost finished with the lap quilt I made from the collection. I should be sewing down the last of the binding today.

If I get that done I'll be ready to sandwich up the fall batik quilt. In a really dumb senior moment I ordered that gold backing fabric on the right last week when I already had the fabric on the left in the box for it. The gold will make a good binding for the quilt and some backing for the fall batik placemats I hope to be making in November from the quilt's leftovers. Ordering it may have been a big mistake-but it works for me. 


  1. Those little ghosties are adorable!

    Gold fabric ---------extra? It would work for lots of projects. Always good to have a little extra.

  2. You are not the only one ordering double. I ordered the EXACT same sweater from Old Navy, two days apart on separate orders. Thank goodness they have easy returns!

  3. I love the lap quilt and the placemats. Very good use of your leftovers! I’m sure you’ll use that gold fabric for lots of things!

  4. Good call on the extra fabric--great binding! And fabric will never go to waste! lol

  5. I love those ghosts. All of the fabric is wonderful. there really too much fabric? The gold will be used. Your head knew it before you did!