Saturday, October 29, 2022

Like Buttah


Yesterday was the day we were dreading. We had to figure out how cut those thin 2 inch tile pieces to fill in around the stairs from those long 24 inch tiles. 

We had been using this score and snap kind of tile cutter and it worked well with this type of tile but those long vertical cuts were worrying us. They needed to be clean and straight and this thing was not the cutter to do it.

So.......we borrowed a wet saw from The Mister's brother and it worked like a charm. We could have cut tile on this thing all day. 

If only the top of the foyer was so easy to figure out. The tile ends about a half inch away from the top step...and even worse the sub flooring didn't go all the way to the end since there was an oak threshold there. We've got some ideas we are going to try out but until all this newly put down tile has sat for 24-48 hours we're at a standstill. Thank goodness. I need the break. Between tiling and raking up leaves all week I'm pooped. 


  1. The tile is looking great, but I would have no idea how to do that last strip. A weekend break to knit and just relax a bit is what you need. The leave here are pretty much gone and what is still on the trees is a glorious gold and red.

  2. the tiles are looking really good, I wouldn't have a clue where to start. Not surprised you are tired!

  3. How well we know that the right tools make all the difference!! They sell a tile that 'rolls over' for a finish at the top of the stair--I forget the real name of it!

  4. I'm pooped just reading about all you've been doing. Tile looks great!