Sunday, October 9, 2022

Sew, Sew Sunday


Thanks to The Mister having a bad hip day yesterday I'm getting two sewing days in a row. I thought it would be smooth sailing since I knew exactly what I needed to get done but of course it wasn't. I was happily putting together the pieced border when my spidey sense told me something was wrong. The machine was humming away like everything was just dandy but the stitches....oh, good golly what a mess. It seems I had threaded BOTH the machine and the bobbin wrong. 

There was a lot of ripping but it all worked out in the end. It just took longer than I had planned. Two sides done. Two to go.

What I really was supposed to be doing was sewing down the binding on the Nautical quilt so I can hand it off and get to some things I want to be doing like Halloween placemats. Since football starts at 9:30 this morning with a London game, I'll have plenty of quiet time to catch up today. Thank you NFL. 


  1. I really, really love the fabrics in the Halloween quilt. Hope you were able to get some stitching done during the games.

  2. Can't wait to see the finished Nautical quilt; the wonky stitches can be a bummer to sleuth out!

  3. Sorryy about the crazy stitches. My machine did that last week when I was sewing. The tension was ocmpletely off. I have no idea how.