Sunday, October 2, 2022

Sew Sew Sunday


Thanks to Ian I've had several days stuck inside doing all the things I've been meaning to get done. The Nautical blankie top got finished and sandwiched. 

I even got a good part of it quilted. 

Hello Halloween apron is a done deal. 

I was on such a roll that I even picked up the giant Sunflower quilt and gave one of the dreaded middle blocks a go on the Juki. It turned out not to be as impossible to drag it around as I thought. It's a workout but it's doable. 


  1. I love all things nautical so of course I instantly fell in love with that quilt. And the apron.... It's awesome!

  2. The quilts are all so pretty and I'm impressed at how much you got done. How did you fare with Ian? Was there a lot of flooding? My heart goes out especially to the people in Florida and Georgia. So much devastation and loss.

  3. You might as well make good use of your rainy day time! Nice apron!