Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Tiny Needle Tuesday


I put the very last stitches in the baby sampler last week. They were those two little bees at the top that fill in a space that was leftover after the name and birth date went on. I've sent for the framing kit and hope to get it to the new parents in the near future.

Other than that, I didn't stitch a thing but I did get out the Halloween projects in case the mood hit me. It wasn't so much as mood as light. It's been raining for days and since the leaves are all still on the trees it's been dark and very gloomy.

I found this old FO in with the other Halloween stitching projects and faux framed it.

Some of you asked how we fared during Ian. The beach did just fine. Everyone sandbagged it up and there was little to no flooding or erosion that we could see. We had spent the weekend sleeping in the lower level due to the wind and the saturated ground. A nearby neighbor across the creek had a tree completely demolish their house last Sunday so after seeing that, The Mister and I were both a bit worried about our huge trees. We did get a wallop out of Ian's backside on Sunday night with wind that brought down a few big branches that narrowly missed the little Ford pickup. We've still got rain and gusts until Wednesday to look forward to but who's complaining after seeing what the folks in Florida are going through. 

AND.........I haven't forgot about Inktober. I just have a technical difficulty this year. First, I had a migraine over the weekend and then I broke the overhead light on the ceiling fan I have in the craft room where all my art supplies are. We stopped off at the hardware store yesterday to get the part and maybe I can get The Mister to fix it. Sleeping in a chair in the basement for several nights along with the gloom has taken a toll on both our wills to live. 


  1. Oh, great stitching! I completely forgot about Inktober!!! Thanks for the reminder; I can still catch up!

  2. Hopefully some of the October sun we've been enjoying here makes it your way.

  3. Oh my goodness Deb. How much more do you guys have to deal with? You've certainly earned a vacation somewhere, anywhere.
    That baby sampler is so sweet and I like your other Halloween things too.

  4. I love the “When Witches go Riding” sampler!

  5. LOVE the samplers! Glad Ian wasn't too rough on you. We got lucky too. A stiff breeze and some much needed rain.