Thursday, October 27, 2022

Solid Gold


We don't get much variation in color around here in the fall but we do get lots of shades of gold and it's just begun. This is the time of year I make peace with the trees that encircle our house but this year I can hear the work crew putting the house on the hill behind us back together. It was crushed flat by the trees just a few weeks ago. The construction noise is a constant reminder of the danger I live in and it's unsettling to say the least

We are inside also working away. We've got half the top foyer tile done and half the bottom foyer tile done. Over the next few days we'll get it all down if The Mister is up to it. It really takes a toll on his fragile infrastructure even with me doing all the down work. I've gotten pretty good with a trowel and I have to say my measuring has been spot on. I wish it were so with my quilting

And......I think it was Vera who asked me about the ribbing on Chestnut. It's the same on BonAmie which is done. It's corrugated ribbing which is a traditional Fair Isle ribbing that is stranded with the knit stitches one color and the purl stitches another. 

It looks like this on the back and as you can imagine it's not as stretchy as regular ribbing although it does have some give. I like it because it doesn't roll up. I have always had an issue with my ribbing rolling and this heavy ribbing stays put. 

Corrugated ribbing usually has 4 or 5 colors going through it. So how do I manage all those colors?  I use a box to keep all the colors from tangling. Right now I've got 5 colors going in this section of BonAmie and everything is playing nice with each other. 

My boxes of choice are the ones my flats of cat food comes in from Chewy. The box they put on top of this one for shipping is even better but The Mister grabs them up for his projects before I can get to them. I'll get the next one for sure because Chestnut is going to need its own box in the very near future. 


  1. Love the yarns you are using, especially that golden caramel colour, its just lovely!

  2. I really enjoy colorwork...but that's a lot of different colors!!! I like the ribbing - thanks for explaining.

  3. Fall colors are just wrapping up here. I'm sure the next big rain will wash all the leaves off the trees.

    Hopefully you'll have no falling trees this year.

  4. Lol. Dave and I fight over boxes too. Glad to know we aren't the only ones!

  5. Your intricate knitting always amazes me. Five colors at once! I can't even imagine. It's all so beautiful.
    And so are your stops and tile work. You are one talented lady. I can understand why you would be nervous of the trees. Dennis always tells me that we can't live in fear but it's hard to tell my head and heart that!

  6. The house work is shaping up--love the view like that! And you do beautiful colorwork!

  7. I'm always so impressed with your colorwork. I've never tried corrugated ribbing, but since my ribbing tends to be too loose no matter what size needle I use, I'll have to give corrugated a try.