Saturday, October 22, 2022

Scribble and Splash Update


Well, hello. After working through all the stages of grief this week I am now back in real time. I've eaten my way through that bag of chips, a bag of Twizzlers, a full size Milky Way and Three Musketeers bar AND three days worth of Chinese take out so it's time to get back to the new normal and let her memory be a blessing.  Thank you all so much for your messages and comments on the passing of Dear Departed Kitty. It was so kind of you all. When you share stories of your own grief it means so much. I'm not sure why, but getting permission to grieve your heart out when you lose a pet is important. I guess it's because we don't get the collective grieving we get when a human family member passes even though the pain is as bad and sometimes even worse.

Thank goodness it hasn't been hard keeping busy because we've still got so much to do around here.

My stair painting adventure is ongoing. After three coats of gray, I got around to removing all the tape that was protecting the newly painted white and...of course there was carnage. I bought this $$$ Frog Tape to avoid this very issue but as you can see, paint still came up with the tape. It wasn't a big deal to fix it though. I had plenty of other touch up to do where I slopped gray all over the place.

Now we are working on the molding that will do down the stairs. First we have to paint it. 

Then we have to cut all the angles we need. This is going to be a much simpler, cleaner looking molding than we had up there before so we've got some thinking to do. We've also got to get the tile down first. We plan to start that process Monday.

Yesterday I also finally got the new front door painted. I am so ready to be over this painting. 

Speaking of painting, The Mister's been keeping busy at night too. He just finished this Halloween paint by number. 

He finished this one last month and he's working on a Christmas one now. He's got quite a collection of them.

I don't know how he does it. After a day of painting stairs, trim and doors I can barely keep up with my daily scribble and splash Inktober prompts. This week showcased a lot of things I really can't draw like people, birds and dogs. You would have thought that the Morton's Salt girl would have been easy but mine ended up looking like Hitler in pigtails. I had to white out her Next week I get to try to draw a fairy...that should be good for a laugh.


  1. So sorry for the loss of your cat, its always very hard to see them go, they really do become family.

  2. Oh, you are a very good writer-you have me crying one minute and laughing the next! I gave up the Inktober so I am enjoying your posts! You DH needs to staple his canvases over the stretched canvases you can buy and have a gallery in your home! I love to see what he does! The halloween one would be a good one on the front door!

  3. Hitler in Pigtails! That is truly hilarious Debbie. I know the hurt isn't gone, just a bit numbed by time. I'm still praying for you my friend. I think all of your projects are great and can't believe how much you accomplish. I absolutely love The Mister's painting of the old truck. Old trucks are definitely a weakness of mine.
    Enjoy your tiling today!
    Blessings and love,

  4. Those paint-by-numbers are great! And love your inktober!

    I recently learned that painters tape isn't supposed to be left on for more than a couple of hours... Tape, paint, pull tape off ....and apparently put tape on again for the second coat... but who has time for that???
    I confess, I rarely tape, because I hate prep work. I've got some good brushes, and I keep a wet rag handy to clean up any drips, or paint on places not supposed to have paint. If you catch it right away, it wipes right off!