Monday, October 24, 2022

At Last


It's been a long time coming but I've finally gotten all that warp sorted out and tied on. It was very slow and tedious at the end because for some crazy reason I thought it would be a good idea to warp two colors at a time in the checkerboard section which only resulted in a tangled mess behind the lease sticks. Lesson learned. It does NOT pay to take shortcuts. 

I wanted to do a happy dance when it was time to wind some bobbins. It's been a long time.

My brain completely shut down when it came time to weave. I had forgotten so much. I had to let my hands take over and thankfully they remembered what to do. 

Just look at that. So pretty. So perfect. That's the appeal of weaving. It really is like magic. I'm only letting myself do a few inches a day as I want to stretch out the joy. I've got to start another warp ASAP so I don't end up with an empty loom for months like before. I've got a closet full of cotton so I think I'll just repeat this pattern one more time using new colors to get my brain completely back in the game. It's a lovely, easy pattern and I am so grateful I bought this kit. It was just the right thing at the right time. 

AND.......I want to wish Pup a very happy birthday today. It's hard to believe she is 9 today. It just seems like yesterday that I brought her home. She's had one heck of a terrible year. The mites, the leg, the's all taken its toll on the old thing, She's still her happy, smiling self-most of the time. Like all of us old things, she has her good days and bad days-and I hope she has many, many more. 


  1. Happy Birthday Pup!! Love your weaving - beautiful.

  2. Super job on the warping--the weaving is gorgeous!! So is Pup--happy birthday!

  3. Happy birthday, Pup. I hope Mom has some special treats planned for you.

    The towel looks lovely. The green is so very soft and pretty.

  4. Weaving is like magic to me too. It looks so incredibly difficult and beautiful. Isn't it true that sometimes you do have to just let your hands take over and stop your brain?
    Happy Birthday to Pup! She is a beautiful girl and still has a LOT of good years left to her. She seems to have such a happy spirit.

  5. Love Pup’s smile! I hope she has a wonderful birthday. Beautiful weaving: it is magical.

  6. Aw Pup is gorgeous, look at that smiley wee face :) Love your weaving, I have small rigid heddle loom which I really should use more

  7. The plaid is GORGEOUS!

    And happy birthday pup!!!!

  8. Happy birthday Pup! The plaid is simply stunning, just love the beautiful colors.
    Happy day, V.

  9. Happy Birthday Pup! Beautiful weaving - Love the colors!