Tuesday, October 11, 2022

Tiny Needle Tuesday


After all that machine sewing this weekend is was good to just sit in the quiet and stitch a bit yesterday. Button-eyed Cat is getting his border worked on. After that is done the only thing left of him is to fill in all the background with yellow which sounds like no fun at all. 

I started the second raccoon of the Raccoon Rable but didn't get too far. 

I spent most of my stitching time finishing up the kitty in upper corner, starting the fill behind the moon and working on a witch. 

AND.....I have one more Dear Jane block sashed and two more hexies made. I have 14 hexies in all now and I need to start figuring out how they will work with the center piece. As soon as I can get my dining room table cleared off I need to lay it all out. This week we will be back working in the foyer painting the stairs and the railings so the place is a mess with work tools once again. It never ends. 


  1. I really like all 3 pieces you are stitching on. Your work/stitching is so neat and precise. Very nice!

  2. I adore the “When Witches Fly” piece!

  3. You need to both be feeling up to it-both physically and mentally! The cross stitching is amazing--all of them!

  4. That little raccoon is so cute. I like all of your projects though. Forgive me for not being around more lately. Lots going on here.

  5. I love all your cross stitch pieces but that raccoon in the pumpkin is Adorable!