Friday, October 28, 2022

Friday Fluff


I ripped the top out of one thrummed mitten and added a few rows this week. I've gotten the other one ripped out but haven't got very far with adding the additional length. 

I want to get those mittens done so I can spin up the rest of that leftover red fiber to add to the Garter Squish blanket. It's going through a green spell right now.  I would like some more red further up but I don't think I have anymore in the handspun stash.

I'm looking at all my spinning projects differently now that I have a use for them. I did work on Mardi Gras this week and should be plying it soon in hopes that it will be the next blue/turquoise section. 

What I need is more yellow so I went digging through the fiber stash. I don't need to spin it all at once but I could use a few ounces. I'm trying to just let the handspun do its own thing without my input but the bigger Garter Squish gets the harder that it is to do. I just want to keep all that pretty going and going and going.......I love it so much. 


  1. Good for you in fixing the mitten! The garter squish blanket is looking really so good. I finished mine and I'm giving it to my MIL for her Christmas gift. She's always cold. It was so much fun to knit and it really is squishy isn't it?

  2. Such glorious colours, especially the yellow fibre!

  3. The yellow will be a perfect addition. Happy spinning.

  4. Garter Squish is a beauty. I love all the colors together.

  5. That is a great idea for all the handspun we collect! The blanket looks, well, squishy soft!

  6. I've missed something because I don't know why you're fixing the mittens but they are certainly worth fixing if they had a problem. They are beautiful! And Squish...! It's beautiful and looks like such a meditative knit. I uh, might have ordered a whole crate of yarn to make one (or 3) for myself.