Wednesday, October 26, 2022

Wednesday WIPs


This week I managed to finally get the 315 stitches of Chestnut cast on. I've still got a ways to go with that fancy ribbing but the end is in sight. 

My little advent sweater is such a pleasure to pick up every night after the slog of that ribbing. I'll be heading for the sleeves of Number 14 soon. 

BonAmie has become potato chip knitting. If I pick it up before I get my housework done-the housework doesn't get done. I have to have a very good reason to put it down. 

And.....speaking of a very good reason to stop knitting-we got serious about the foyer tile yesterday. We got five rows put down. We realized we are going to have to take it one section at a time so we could still get up and down the stairs. This is going to be a much longer, drawn out project than we realized because of that but....what else do we have to do? Like everything else around here, it will be done when it's done. 


  1. Once again, your knitting is amazing - so beautiful! And complicated!! What is the ribbing you are doing on Chestnut?

  2. BonAmie is gorgeous. Those colors are so, SO pretty.

    I also like the flooring you are putting down. Lovely.

  3. Great job on the fancy ribbing-even when you are taking on such a project like tiling, it is nice to see you unwind with knitting!

  4. You've gotten more accomplished this week than I have!
    I have learned that flooring is best done a little at a time... unless you're young and your body can take all that up and down! Mine isn't and can't

  5. So, so pretty. I can't imagine anything that complicated being potato chip knitting though. :-) The floor looks great. I really like the color you chose.

  6. Looks like you definitely figured out the 30% thing! All your projects are beautiful but Bon Amie... Wow! Just Wow!