Monday, October 10, 2022



You can get a lot done when you stick with one thing all day. I never left the sewing room yesterday except to walk the dog for about an hour and as a result the nautical quilt is a done deal. 

It looks small in these photos but it's actually bigger than the ones I made for the babies in the family.  It's a fabric collection from Missouri Star Quilts and I love that I have a backing that coordinates. I hate trying to figure one out on my own. 

Speaking of backing, my DNP Halloween quilt top is also finished but I don't have a backing for it. It's an old collection from Connecting Threads called Rest in Pieces. I am hoping some of their coordinating fabric will work. I've ordered a few colors to see and have my fingers crossed that something will work.

I've still got a bit of the collection left. Enough for some placemats and potholders for sure but right now I am all sewn out. I just may keep these scraps until next year. would have been Daddio's 93rd birthday. 10/10/29. Those numbers are seared in my brain from all the times I had to check him in for doctor visits, hospitals or care homes. If it wasn't for him I wouldn't be making all these quilts in the first place or have a stash that I will never live long enough to use up. 

It's been four years since he's been gone and I still have one of his designs to finish hand quilting. I have to say looking back over his creations yesterday made me realize a lot of color has gone out of my life since he left us. He was always the brains behind the operation. One day I am going to do a post just on his quilts so I don't forget as I don't have most of them anymore. They really are something to see. 


  1. Your nautical quilt turned out so nicely! I love it. Gosh I miss my parents too!

  2. Beautiful finish on the Nautical quilt!!!! Your dad did so much; you had a good run while you could!

  3. A great finish! Your Grand will love it. I love the photo of your Dad at the sewing machine, and I adore his quilt.

  4. A beautiful finish and thank you so much for sharing the photo of your Dad at the sewing machine. Such a perfect way to remember him.
    Blessings and hugs,