Saturday, October 15, 2022

Home Work

I haven't had much time to play this week because I am literally knee deep in paint. I've been putting coat after coat of white on the stair risers which is a tedious endeavor to say the least. I've also been putting another coat of black on the wrought iron railing.

I watched a lot of videos before I got started and I'm glad I did because this little roller is a game changer. I hope it works as well on the soon to be dark gray treads as it has on the risers. 

On top of all that "fun" we sprung a leak in the cedar closet under the stairs this week. It's where the water softener lives and where the plumbing for the washer and dryer run. It's a terrible set up with open pipes that will back up from time to time. I insist on keeping the space open so I can monitor it but The Mister will pile stuff up in it whenever I am not looking. Needless to say it was packed full of junk that all had to be pulled out and cleaned and stored somewhere else until I get this place disinfected and dried out. Mold is a four letter word around here and nothing gets me more hysterical than finding the least little bit of it anywhere. 


  1. Man, it's been one thing after another! The stairs look so fresh--the grey treads will be stunning!

  2. Your stairs are looking great. Pup looks interested in the entire process. Sorry to hear about the leak. That's never ever fun. Hope all is well again soon.