Friday, July 29, 2022

Who's the Boss?


I'm the boss, that's who. The boss of my knitting. I fought with these two-on-one needle socks all afternoon but I won. I gave up and walked away twice. It was one thing after another.  It started with the wrong needles-no slide. You need plenty of slide when you've got two on the same needle. Then it was the wrong size needle-too tight. Then it was the wrong length of cable. After I got the needles right I got the rib count wrong. One stupid thing after another but it's all good now.

In my defense I had this going on just a few feet away. 

The Mister was demolishing the tile in the foyer and downstairs landing and lucky me....there's only room for one to maneuver in such a small area so he was on his own for a change. Usually I'd be slinging the hammer and chisel right along with him but this time around I just got to watch. I doubt I am going to get a free pass when the tile goes down so I'm making the most of my spare time. 


  1. I've never knit socks like that! If it were me, I would have taken a LONG break from any renovations!!

  2. Usually my DH does the job and I get to do the clean-up! Good job conquering the knitting!

  3. Geee... you just got the house back together and now he's ripping it apart????